The EDGE® String Bender for Telecaster

$ 600.00$ 800.00

The EDGE® String Bender…where sound meets emotion. Simple, single unit bridge replacement system for Telecaster with B Bender, G Bender AND a rotating E-to-D drop.

Employs patented pedal steel guitar design, ensuring proper pitch and tuning stability. No permanent alterations to your guitar!

Express yourself with The EDGE string bender system from Jackson Steel Guitar Company.


The EDGE® String Bender System for Telecaster and Les Paul guitars, from the minds and hands that brought you Sho-Bud Pedal Steel Guitars.

This unique, patented system provides a double string bender (half or whole tone) and rotary E-to-D drop, enabling you to drop your low E to a perfectly tuned D on the fly. Each bender has an adjustable solid “stop”, ensuring precise pitches while raising or lowering and returning to open notes.

Replaces original bridge plate with existing mounting hole pattern, so no routing or alterations are necessary to the instrument!

Does not accommodate a 6 saddle system. If you currently have 6 saddles, you will need to convert to 3 saddle option (included).

NOTE: Due to the variations in the Telecaster screw hole mounting patterns, upon purchase, we ask you to remove your bridge plate and send it to the shop for machining. We will drill and tap the mounting holes to line up with yours, then send package back (typically within three days). You can also send your guitar in for installation (add $200). If you would like us to send a unit with no mounting holes, please watch this video tutorial on how to fit the mounting plate to your guitar:

Reviews & Testimonials:

  • “The Edge guitar is now my favorite double-bender system….. and I’ve played several.   My arthritic shoulder appreciates being able to play sitting down, and the RH whammy bar is just sensitive enough that I can activate it with my pinky when finger-picking, or my middle finger when flat-picking.” 
  • “This thing is the best thing since sliced bread. Keep up the great work.” 
  • “I just installed an Edge unit on a Telecaster and wanted to let you know that it works great and is by far the slickest palm style bender I have installed. If you need someone in the my area to install benders I would be very happy to work with anyone who needs assistance and I will keep these in mind when customers inquire about benders. I found the installation to be very straight forward and set up to be very quick and easy.  I think this is a very user friendly bender and I think that the owner of this one will be very happy with it.” 
  • “Awesome job with these! I have put in two in NYC on Teles in the last couple of weeks. I was finishing up one install in the shop and a guy came in to drop off some guitars so I showed it to him. I knew he would order one immediately.” 🙂 


Installation Instructions

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