RED Fender Telecaster Replica Guitar with The EDGE® String Bender

$ 795.00

Where sound meets emotion. RED JSG Telecaster replica with The EDGE® String Bender. Raise B and G strings a half or whole tone and Drop E string to D on the fly. Patented pedal steel guitar design, ensuring tuning stability. Express yourself.


RED JSG Telecaster replica guitar with Double String Bender and E to D Drop.

The EDGE® string bending system gives you two individual string Raises. Each bender is tunable, with adjustable solid “stops”, ensuring incredibly accurate tunings when bending in and out of notes. Lower lever raises B string, Upper lever raises G string. Get beautiful pedal steel-like wails!

E to D Drop: Rotating tunable “on the fly” knob which enables you to drop from E to D and back while playing.

Express yourself.

Video Demonstrations

Installation Instructions

Remove strings.
Remove original saddles.
Remove original bridge plate.
Mount Pro-Bender using same screws and screw holes.
Replace saddles:
If you had 6 saddles, replace with 3 included in kit.
If you had 3 saddles, use the same 3 saddles.
Re-string, attaching the string you want to raise to the corresponding tuning pin on the pull bar.
To tune:
-Tune all strings open as usual, using keys.
-Press down The EDGE Bender. Using Allen wrench (included), adjust the allen screw in the forward position of the pivot bar, to where the lever is at a comfortable height (we recommend approximately 1/8″ from touching guitar body at its lowest.)
Once this is set you will not need to make further adjustments to this stop screw.
-Again, holding the Bender down, tune the RAISED note with the key on the key head end of the guitar. Example: tune to C# if you are bending your B a whole tone; tune to A if you want to bend your G a whole tone).
-Release the Bender and tune the Open B (or G) using the rear Stop Screw on the Bender (behind the pivot bar)
-Repeat until both Open and Raise notes are in tune. This is the process you will now use to tune the string you are raising with the Bender. The KEY is used to tune the RAISED note and the rear Alan Screw (or “stop”) is used to tune the OPEN note. Do not use the key to tune the Open note.
-You should not need to adjust the Allen screw that the string is attached to on the pivot bar. The only time you would adjust this is to give yourself more or less stroke on the Bender.