Sho-Bro 7-string Resonator with The EDGE® Pitch Changer

$ 2,300.00

Rare, authentic Sho-Bro 7-string resonator with The EDGE Pitch Changer! Originally built by Shot Jackson. The EDGE pitch changer was designed, hand-made and recently installed by sons Harry and David Jackson.


Sho-Bro 7 string Resonator with The EDGE Pitch Changer!

Authentic Sho-Bro resonator in great condition, outfitted with The EDGE Pitch Changer!
The EDGE® On-Board Pitch Changer lets you bend in and out of notes like a pedal steel guitar, and doubles your chord options up and down the fretboard.
Open E tuning (high to low: E-B-G#-E-B-G#-E)
The EDGE Pitch Changer raises the B’s and G#’s (strings 2, 3 and 5 and 6), changing the I chord (open E) to a IV chord (open A).
Includes our patented Roller Nut and Bridge.
Big tone.
Very minor blemishes (see photos).
Includes case.


"Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" Zane King on SlideKing Resonator with The EDGE pitch changer