Pro V Pedal Steel Guitar with Magnolia inlay

$ 8,750.00

Pro V pedal steel guitar with magnolia inlay, hand crafted by David and Harry Jackson.

The smoothest and most advanced pedal steel guitar on the market. Our all-bearing pulling system ensures the ultimate sound and performance. Guaranteed or your money back!


Hand-crafted Pro V Classic pedal steel guitar with magnolia inlay, designed and built by David and Harry Jackson, sons of Shot Jackson, builders of Sho-Bud Pedal Steel Guitars.

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Pro V pulling system, which utilizes roller bearings on all moving parts (pulling fingers, knee levers, foot pedals), resulting in our smoothest performing pedal steel ever.
Hard rock maple body with tobacco brown custom lacquer finish.
Classic Sho-Bud style diamond binding.
Classic Sho-Bud style fretboard with hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.
Classic Sho-Bud style single coil pickup, designed by Shot Jackson.
Hard shell case.
Custom mother of pearl “Magnolia” inlay

Standard E9 Pedal Setup tab

Note: Cabinet has “Pro IV” logo, however guitar was built using entire Pro V pulling system. 

What does the Pro V sound like? Listen to Johnny Cox demonstration a Pro V Custom at the TSGA show in Dallas, TX.

Standard Pedal Setups

Pedal Steel 10 string – Standard Pedal Setup – E9
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Pedal Steel 10 String – Standard Pedal Setup – C6
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