The EDGE® Pitch Changer for Resonator

$ 800.00

Where sound meets emotion. The EDGE® On-board pitch changer lets you bend notes like a pedal steel and doubles your chord options up and down the fretboard. Designed and built by the minds and hands that brought you Sho-Bud Pedal Steel Guitars.

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The EDGE® On-Board Pitch Changer lets you bend in and out of notes like a pedal steel.

Standard tuning is Open E (E-B-G#-E-B-E)
The EDGE Pitch Changer raises strings 2, 3 and 5, changing the I chord to a IV chord.
Open E chord changes to Open A chord. (E-C#-A-E-C#-E)
This doubles your chord options/voicings up and down the fretboard.

NOTE: Price includes custom installation to your instrument at the factory. You will need to ship your resonator to our Georgia location. Price does not include shipping costs. Please email for shipping address:


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