Pedal Steel Guitar Strings E9

$ 15.00

Professional Grade strings for Steel Guitar with sustain and longevity. E9th Chromatic Tuning

Same as we used on Sho-Buds!  Trust those who know tone.

Order two packs or more and receive FREE SHIPPING!


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Outstanding Professional Grade Strings for Pedal Steel Guitar

E9th Chromatic Tuning

Nickel wound, long lasting.


1st       F#      .013                                   
2nd     D#      .015  
3rd      G        .011  
4th      E        .014  
5th      B        .017
6th      G#     .020
7th      F#      .026  
8th      E        .030  
9th      D       .034 
10th    B       .036

Free Shipping with order of two packs or more.

“Trust the people who know tone!”

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