Maverick HD Pedal Steel Guitar

$ 2,400.00

Introducing the newly designed Maverick HD Pedal Steel Guitar!

A name you know. The sound you love. An introductory price you won’t believe.

From the builders of the original Sho-Bud Maverick, Harry and David Jackson.

Professional grade instrument at entry level price.

The Maverick Guitar – Rich Tone, Sustain, Clarity, Simplicity, Boldness.



Introducing the all new Maverick HD Pedal Steel Guitar!

Look Better. Sound Better. Play Better.

A name you know. The Sho-Bud sound you love. A price you won’t believe.

All new design from the builders of the original Sho-Bud Maverick, Harry and David Jackson, sons of Shot Jackson.

  • Aluminum frame.
  • Black Laminate finish and chrome edging.
  • Classic Sho-Bud style Fretboard.
  • Classic Sho-Bud style heart, spade, diamond and club cluster in front.
  • Classic Sho-Bud style single coil pickup (design by Shot Jackson). 
  • Classic Sho-Bud Maverick-style “ashtray” key head.
  • 24″ scale.
  • Includes Case.
  • Color: Black only
  • 3 foot pedals, 4 knee levers.
  • Copedent: Nashville 700 Pedal Setup only (see Pedal Setup image). For CUSTOM pedal setups, see our Pro V model

How does it sound? Click on Video tab or here to hear playing a prototype at Harry’s shop. Listen to the ring and clarity in the higher range!

Maverick HD Pedal Steel Guitar…its what you’ve been waiting for!


“…the producer commented that my intonation was the best he’s heard in the county and hired me on the spot.  This guitar has taken me to a new level.” – Ted Stern

“I am in love with the guitar. It sounds amazing!” – Keith Sewell

“I received the package yesterday morning and was blown away! It’s a beautiful guitar and I can tell it was crafted by someone who cares about quality. The sustain and the clarity in the high end were just two things about this guitar that really impressed me, but overall, I’m very pleased, and can’t say enough about this guitar. I hope to continue to be a customer down the road.” – Mike Jackson

“I love my Maverick.” – Jodi Anna

Tim Sergent on Maverick HD Pedal Steel Guitar