Madison ’63 Pedal Steel Guitar

$ 6,000.00

Rare, exquisite Madison ’63 pedal steel guitar, custom-built by David and Harry Jackson. Our tribute to the man who started it all, Shot Jackson

With a sound comparable to the original Permanent model, see why Robert Randolph said “This is the best guitar ever built.” 

Patented Dual Pulling Heads mechanism.
The EDGE® Pulling Fingers.
Hard shell case.


RARE Madison ’63 pedal steel guitar, hand-built by David and Harry Jackson, sons of Shot Jackson and builders of Sho-Bud Pedal Steel Guitars.

Enhanced sustain pulling technology, which consists of our patented Dual Pulling Heads system and The EDGE® String Pullers.
Exquisite, figured maple with new Emerald Green lacquer finish. 
Includes hard shell case.
3 foot pedals, 5 knee levers.
Built-in tuner.
Built-in bar holder.
See Pedal Setup under images. (This model does not accommodate additional foot pedals, knee levers or custom setups.)

Listen to the incredible sustain on this outstanding Madison ’63 pedal steel guitar and why Robert Randolph says “this is the best guitar ever built.”

Our Dual Pulling Heads technology utilizes the keyhead end for lowers (the keys actually rock when engaged). The raises are pulled on the tailpiece end, like conventional steel designs. This enabled us to reduce the radius of the string pullers to the size of the original Sho-Bud Permanent pedal steel. That, along with The EDGE string puller design makes for the most sustain ever.

Robert Randolph on Madison '63