Gibson EH-630 Pedal Steel Guitar

$ 1,000.00

Rare and unusual Gibson EH630 vintage pedal steel guitar.

8 strings, 4 foot pedals.

Collector’s Item!


Rare and unusual Gibson EH-630 Pedal Steel Guitar
, late 40’/early 50’s model. 

8 strings and 4 foot pedals.
Good overall condition.
Some of the metal parts have some corrosion though they are all functioning properly.
Various surface scratches, nicks, dings and dents throughout the console finish (mainly on key head end).
This guitar was re-finished years back by Sho-Bud finisher AJ Nelson (like original color).
We are replacing volume and tone knobs with gold speed knobs for Gibsons (like originals).
Single Dog Ear P-90 pickup with master volume and tone controls.
One cover plate is missing.
No case. Will ship in box.